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Internship Dua Associates, Delhi

Internship @ Dua Associates, Delhi: Interesting Research Work, Comfortable Work Enviro, No Stipend

The research work was always time bound and really interesting. Learning is an important aspect of your internship as Associates might give you research notes to prepare on topics they'd like you to know about for your own benefit.
district court internship

Internship @ Senior Advocate Subhash Gupta’s Chamber, Hisar (District Court): I Learnt How Empowering a District Court Internship Can Be

A female junior advocate took me on a tour of the court which included one library, common room for ladies, canteen and a huge hall full of notaries. I was introduced to other Junior advocates and was briefed on the cases going on in the court rooms. By Raviena Bedi, Army Institute of Law, Mohali, Third Year
karanjawala and company internship

Internship @ Karanjawala & Co., Delhi: Swanky Office With a “Water Wall”, Litigation Work, Stern Work Environment, 5K Monthly Stipend

We waited for a while to be called for or assigned work but nothing of that sort happened. So we went to the associates ourselves to ask for work. We were finally assigned a small research task which 2 of us completed within 10 minutes. And then we were free again, for the rest of the day! Shared by Sanghmitra Singh.

Internship @ Edulji and Edulji Law Offices, Kolkata: Watch Court Proceedings, Less Work, No Stipend

To be quite honest, the first impression was really bad. We were asked to report at 1. 30 and immediately after we did, we were sent to a court room where our mentor, Mr Phiroze Edulji was not even present. Posted by Shweta Rath Anyone can post HERE.

Internship at Hariani & Co, Mumbai: Drafting Work, Great Work Enviro, Rs.8000/- Stipend After the 3rd Month

The Work environment at Hariani is so motivated and friendly, that I'd actually consider staying at office than meeting friends for a movie. The cafeteria, reception , conference rooms and library provides a perfect balance of work and relaxation.

Internship @ Additional Solicitor General PP Malhotra, New Delhi: Friendly People, Research Work, Rs.5000 Stipend

Main task is to accompany sir in the court making notes then briefing him opinions sent by various departments to advice them on various legal issues and briefing him the upcoming matters and research work on those matters. By Rajat Kapoor, IMS LAW College, Noida

Internship @ Dua Associates, Delhi: Work As Per Choice, Corporate Environment, No Stipend

To be Honest I was coming with 'hear-say' from my class mates who've interned earlier here that there isn't much work here. But, I was wronged the very first day; just after the basic formalities of filing up the Internship Form and getting a worksheet to be maintained throughout the course of your internship; you are allotted under an Associate/Senior Associate/Partner who will be your mentor.

Internship @ Aeltemesh Rein & Co. Law Consultants, New Delhi

Aeltemesh Rein & Co. Law Consultants is a litigation firm so they deal in almost all the matters. During my internship period I was to told to draft and brief cases. You will be send to the court to hear the proceeding and file the case. By Md Dilawar Khan, KIIT School Of Law, 1st Year

Interview- Aditya Sondhi on Litigation as a Career, Intellectual Growth and NLU’ Students

Aditya Sondhi wears many hats. His contemporaries respect him for his legal prowess. Those who have heard him in courts have high regards for his top notch oratory skills. He is a fabulous writer with a book called 'Unfinished Symphony' published. Our readers who like good writing must read this piece called 'Tipsy takes it on the chin' published in Deccan Herald. Mr. Sondhi is a brilliant law teacher too.

Internship@ ALMT Legal, Mumbai

The cordial relations maintained by the firm with clients and other advocates gave me a very basic insight into the levels of transparency adhered to by the firm. During the time when the courts were on a break, I was introduced to the corporate and other related divisions.