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Internship @ Adv Mr. Anil Gaur, Noida: Small Office, Flexible Timings, Learning Argumentation

District Court is best place to interns from 1st year and 2nd year as you learn the basic working of courts and law. This was a very good experience.

Internship @ AOR Rajan Narain, Delhi: Legal Research, Drafting, Client and Court Visits

If Rajan Narain Sir is not in the office, he calls up at the office phone to talk to the new interns and will assign you work, then and there.

Internship @ Senior Adv Vinay Kuthiala, Shimla: Court Hearing Preparation, Stipend of Rs.1500

Best thing is the command sir has in the court where even the judges seek his advice on various matters.

Internship @ RVP Advocates and Legal Consultants, Indore: Litigation & Drafting Work, Performance Based Rs. 5000 Stipend

The work environment is congenial and relaxed. Raghvendra Sir encourages opinion of the interns on every matter they work on, weighs them and then discusses its viability with them.

Internship @ Chambers of Senior Advocate K T S Tulsi: Great Mentors | Mock Trials | Rs.7.5K Stipend!

Once a week, we had a mock trial based on current affairs and the interns get divided into two, for and against. It's judged by K.T.S. Tulsi himself, and you have best speakers in those trials.

Internship @ Sr Adv Binod Poddar, Jharkhand High Court: Research Work | Court Visits {s}

I was mostly assigned research work. We were asked to read various case files and prepare briefs for the same. I also got the chance to accompany Sir on one of his High Court visits.

Internship Experience @ Rajan Narain’s Global Legal Associates, New Delhi: Dearth of Work, Polite Staff, No Stipend

The highlight of the internship should be Mr. Narain and his short temper. [It's almost funny when he shouts at people without much reason]. Mr. Narain takes atleast 10 interns so you can make a lot of friends. The office staff and associates are generally nice and polite.

Internship @ Adv. Vrinda Grover: RTI-Related Work, Cooperative Work Environment

The main work that was assigned to me was research work and a bit of clerical work. As Vrinda Maam is a human right activist so the work that was assigned to me was RTI related- RTI applications that were filed in all the jails that are there in Chattisgarh.
Office of Dr. Anmol Rattan Sidhu, President Bar Association Punjab and Haryana High Court and Ex-Assistant Solicitor General of India

Internship @ Assistant Solicitor General Dr. Anmol Rattan Sidhu, Chandigarh: Nobody Can Ask For A Better Working Environment

I expected it to be intimidating but everyone around was friendly and associates were always ready to teach you, guide you wherever you stumbled.

Internship @ Chambers of Advocate Pranay Agrawal, New Delhi: A Brief is Like a Miniskirt

The internship application made by email, is followed by a telephonic interview with questions regarding area of interest, expectations from the internship amongst others.

Internship @ Chambers of Advocate Ramesh Mundra, Manasa: I told myself to practice in session courts of such rural areas once I graduate

It’s a small town which has only one court i.e. session court. The lawyers there generally don’t have big offices. Lawyers have their desks in a big corridor and a big ground in the court premises. His office was also a big wooden table with some benches and chairs to sit. By Paridhi Agar, GLC, Mumbai, 1st Year of B.L.S. LL.B.
Internship Experience @ Chambers of Sr. Advocate Ram Jethmalani, Supreme Court, ram jethmalani, delhi lawyer, senior advocate, ram jethmalani internship

Internship Experience @ Ram Jethmalani Law Chambers, Delhi: So Much to Learn! To Emulate!

Jaw dropping experience! I don’t even recall noticing the office much. Just to see the legend in person had my eyes pop out. Also, I was straight away asked to sit in the conference regarding a matter which was a lot in the news at the time and I’m not sure I can specify it here so I’ll reserve that information.

Internship @ PB Ramanujam & PB Balaji Advocates, Chennai: Learn the Nuances of Civil Litigation , Rated 7/10, No Stipend

Though there was always an overflow of work at office, the energy levels never went low. The entire office is like a closely knit family, with its share of fun and laughter, amidst all the work. In fact, on days that it would get late, they would permit to take breaks and even provided tea and snacks. By G. Surayana, IV B.A,B.L(Hons.), Saveetha School of Law

Internship @ Senior Advocate Ashok Saraogi, Bombay HC: Good for a Lit Internship; Rs. 5000 Stipend

My inclination is more towards criminal law, so I used to grab more of criminal related matters and attend the hearings in the court so that I could learn from my senior advocates the art of pleading in the court room. By JeetVipul Patel, Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, 8th Semester