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Who Moved My Dreams? From Criminal Lawyering Dreams to Moving to a Law Firm to Settling in an LPO

My seniors were some of those who never tasted the Indian side of the legal experience, I thought of them as interns who need some guidance in life. But I got swayed with the lavish life that these corporates give you. I bought a house with the bonus that I earned there, but lost my individuality of being an IP lawyer that I dreamt of. By Ms. Heena Merchant, Lawyer at Infosys

Interview with R. Arunadhri Iyer; SLS Pune – Khaitan Alumnus: A Cheat Sheet For the Real World PART-I

I have, however learnt that clinical professionalism, responsible authorities, overqualified mentors, exceptional brilliance, due appreciation, hefty paychecks, extended holidays and the like are as much a part of the workplace as are the likes of corruption, nepotism, unmerited appreciation, unwarranted demotions, idiotic powers-that-be, overworking, underpaying, thirty hour days and dispirited performers. Interview by Neeati Narayan