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Call for Papers: NUSRL Law Review

Call For Papers: NUSRL 2 Day National Seminar on Tribal Rights 2015 [May 23-24, Ranchi]; Submit Abstracts by April 30

Abstract on any of the themes mentioned above in not more than 200 words can be sent to [email protected] or [email protected] on or before 30th April 2015.

Call for Papers: National Seminar on Gender Equality and Feminism 2015 [May 2-3, Dehradun]; Submit Abstracts by April 14

Full papers not exceeding 5000 words are to be sent to the organizing committee on or before 21st April 2015 on [email protected]

Call for Papers: Bharati Vidyapeeth’s National Seminar on Media and Law [March 28, Pune]: Submit Abstracts by March 22

The author can submit the soft copy of the manuscript in M.S. Word as per Bluebook 19th Edition Format at the emails IDs: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Call for Papers: Amity Law School Noida’s National Seminar on Forensics in Bank and Credit Card Frauds [March 20]; Submit by March 14

Themes: 1. Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Evidence in ATM/ Credit Card Crimes. 2. Internet Banking : Transaction Frauds in Online shopping 3. Jurisdiction Issues in Cross Border Frauds- Investigation, Detection and Prosecution 4. Digital Forensics with regard to Bank and Credit Card Frauds