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Internship @ CUSAT Library, Kochi: Rich Database, Rewarding Experience, Research Work

The CUSAT internship gives no stipend and in fact you are required to pay around 30/- for the duration one uses the library to the university.
Internship WWF Delhi

Internship Experience@ WWF, Delhi: Virtual Platform, Good Research Work, Lack of Motivation

Work environment comprised of Miss Moullika Arabhi only and she was a gem of person. She was very kind and gentle in answering queries of impatient person like me. By Ananya Pratap Singh, Symbiosis Law School, Noida
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Internship Experience @ Advocate Shri Singh, Delhi: An Awesome Criminal Litigation Internship

The best thing about this internship was the fact that there is a person right there who's actually interested in teaching you, making you understand things and still not pioneering you.