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Internship @ Chambers of Justice Anil Kumar, Lucknow Bench-Allahabad HC

Sir asked me to observe the court proceedings and make notes of issues. He asked to me to write reasons for rejecting or allowing few bail applications which were there in his court. After reading them he use to tell me about its correctness and his reasoning for it. It was a good challenge to get them correct.

Internship Experience @ Uttar Pradesh Information Commission, Lucknow

Work environment at the Uttar Pradesh Information Commission was good, the other team members were very supportive and helpful to the extent that they would show you the way for the different courtrooms, if you got lost, and basically take care of every single intern whosoever it may be.

Internship @ Centre for Excellence in Corporate Law, RMLNLU : A Practical Exercise in Banking Law

I got to learn so much about the whole banking system like how exactly fixed deposits, current accounts, Real-Time Gross Transfer etc. work. I discovered through the surveys how unaware the common people are about the banking system, even though they hold bank accounts.