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Internship Advocate Natarajan Chennai

Internship Experience @ Advocate A. Natarajan, Chennai: Got to know about court procedures

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID Sundaravalli, Dr. Ambedkar University School Of Excellence In Law  IV Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength A. Natrajan,...

INTERNSHIP OPENING at MeetUrPro; Apply by April 30; Stipend of Rs. 5000/Month

MeeturPro an e-commerce platform providing tax, legal and regulatory services. We are headquartered in Chennai.

Internship @ President, Intellectual Property Rights Attorney Association, Chennai: Difficulty in Database Access, Free Food

Mainly you will be allotted to work on different projects and you might be asked to write letters to officials and drafting as such I did not get a chance to do, but there is work and lots of work but it's not an internship I would recommend to you on the first go.