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4 Law Students Speak Their Hearts Out About Their Biggest Career Worries : #choosing, #specialisation, #listen to whom, #father’s dreams

But still I have worry about my father's dream whether I will achieve it or not? Hope I will achieve it effectively and efficiently.

Career Interview with USLLS Almunus, Medha Sachdev: Amarchand and the likes are factories of mass production

Litigation was again a choice made on the basis of aptitude. I have a very bold and overpowering personality with a thirst to be around people and work best in such an environment. Closed doors and fixed timetables are not my cup of tea. But yet I don't say I have made up my mind.
networking in law school

My Biggest Career Fear: I am an Accidental Lawyer and I don’t Want to Die in this Accident (+ Networking Fears and Advice)

Apparently, networking plays a very important role in law. You make contacts, become friends with your seniors, become friends with your co interns and later use these contacts in getting a job. So, what about a person like me who doesn't believe in the concept of networking? Who finds this concept absolutely shallow? If you wanna get a job, why not get it on your “own” merit rather than using "jugaad"?

This Law Student is Clueless About Her Career; Are you Too?

Editor: 1. Everyone is confused; even Arjuna was 2. If there is no confusion, there is no Krishna

4 Law Students Share Their Biggest Career Fears

As in BIG enough to see that yes people know me , by my name they know what work I've done.

My Career Fear: Smooth-Talkers Winning Over the Writer-Researcher; CV Bullet Points Winning Over Passion

My speaking skills aren't quite good, and public speaking has always been an issue. I'm into writing and research, but the sad part is speaking is always more glamorous.

6 Biggest Career Fears ‘Miss Anonymiss’ Has About Her Legal Career

Earlier I was not at all interested in pursuing law. It was because of my father and his uncle, who was once the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court, that I gave Law entrance exams just for the sake of it.

Interview with Srishti Sharma, SLS Alum @ AZB, Delhi: “Be Wary of Complacency”; “How Symbhav Changed My Life”; “Separating the Personal-Professional”

Q. Things you’d advice others to stay wary of?

A. Getting complacent! It is easy to just get stuck in the daily deadlines of –assignments, lectures etc. You should really go ahead and do something you really like even if it does not fit in with the typical law school schedule.

While its completely normal for students from other non-law colleges, law students have this tendency to look down upon extra-curriculars, which I feel is pretty sad and also harmful for us. It should be totally cool for a law school student to also be participating in dance competitions, fashion shows, plays, acapella competitions etc.

More importantly, it is good for you and leads to a more wholesome sort of a growth. So yeah, stay wary of stereotypes and complacency? Take that extra step today, now! Form a dance troupe in your college, sign up for the Teach for India programme, organize a charity drive, just do something that makes you look and think beyond law.

Skills you’d pick up while doing a Parliamentary Debate or organising a Fest, might actually be of as much (if not more) help to you more when you’re negotiating a contract or pleading in court, than that essay you might have written on “Skills of a good Negotiator”.

Interview with R. Arunadhri Iyer; SLS Pune – Khaitan Alumnus: A Cheat Sheet For the Real World- PART II

There's not much point "chilling" through the five years. The whole point of spending megabucks on premier institutions is so one gets a respectable placement / job and one has to be a fool of elephantine proportions to not even know what they want to do at the end of the fifth year! Interview by Neeati Narayan

Who Moved My Dreams? From Criminal Lawyering Dreams to Moving to a Law Firm to Settling in an LPO

My seniors were some of those who never tasted the Indian side of the legal experience, I thought of them as interns who need some guidance in life. But I got swayed with the lavish life that these corporates give you. I bought a house with the bonus that I earned there, but lost my individuality of being an IP lawyer that I dreamt of. By Ms. Heena Merchant, Lawyer at Infosys

15 CV Tips For Law Students: Make Recruiters Pounce on You Like Dogs on Bones

Be in the good books of your faculty members. Boot-lick them, if necessary. Or ask them "Sir/Ma'am, can I be your research assistant". This will sufficiently ego massage them. Scratching their heads, they are bound to ponder, "Have I turned into such a Big-shot, that I need a research assistant"?