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professor usha ganesh of ils, pune

FaculTea with Prof. Usha Ganesh of ILS Law College, Pune [Part I] : Teaching English in a Law School; Vernacular Students

Another aspect that I find satisfying at ILS is the positive response I receive from the remedial class students who are from the vernacular background. I help them strengthen their base in the first year after which they march ahead confidently in the following years and never fail to express their gratitude for bringing a change in their lives. Interview by Mohona Thakur
Profesor Shameek Sen

FaculTea with NUJS Professor Shameek Sen : Being a Happy Lazy Underachiever; Insecure 1st Batches of NUJS

Despite their laurels, the first few batches of students in NUJS were an insecure lot. One could sense that tension in the faces of even a superlative achiever as the campus interviews neared. There was a naturally consequent seriousness because of this. Today, I find students (and their parents) flaunting their contacts with the Shroffs in the Orientation Day, and very secure about their future even in an insecure job market. The seriousness factor is, therefore, sometimes lacking. Interview by Vishakha Gupta, Campus Manager, Lawctopus

Legal Academia : 5 Career Tips for Would-be Law Teachers

Firstly, for a law teacher, its very very important that you know the practical niceties of law. So do intern with lawyers, NGOs and law firms and your would-be students will bless you for that. By Tanuj Kalia