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Internship Opportunity @ LawFarm: Apply by May 5 | Rs. 4000 Stipend | Work From Home

Interested students may send their resumes, alongwith a very brief SOP, to support@lawfarm.in

6 Law Firm Interview Tips by LawFarm | Also Recruitment and Placement Preparation Class in DELHI: Register by Sep 10

A firm or a company shall be willing to hire you only if you are suitable for the job description that you have applied for. Thus, the nature of work you have done in your internships or your previous jobs has to be in sync with the nature of work you are supposed to do as an employee or an associate in the present organisation.

Positions Open @ Lawfarm: Help the Lay Man Get Legal Knowledge; Apply by June 18

NUJS students' start-up Lawfarm creates a legal knowledge sharing platform for interaction between non-law persons and law persons. Positions open now in the following core teams.