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24 Things I’ve Learnt from Starting a Successful Pseudo Start-up

With your start-up, you are creating the life style for yourself. Some people like it slow and idyllic, some people like if fast. Don't buy into what seems cooler, bigger etc. Make it large, but know what large means for you. By Tanuj Kalia
Lexis Nexis Student Ambassador Program

LexisNexis® and Lawctopus Announce Collaboration | WOHOO!

LexisNexis and Lawctopus today announced a broad-based, yet deep collaboration on several areas of mutual interest. Under the arrangement, Lawctopus will help LexisNexis understand and reach out to the law student market through its platform while LexisNexis will certify and award law students who write top-notch content for Lawctopus. Wohoo!
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[SUPERLAWYER INTERVIEW] Tanuj Kalia on talent & skill of writing, being an entrepreneur and rise, sustenance and future of Lawctopus

I did well in my first year. From my third year onwards I took exams just to pass them. So, I used to curse myself if I scored anything above 45 marks (40 is the passing mark, so getting a 50 did not make sense; why work that hard for something you do not want). I ended up in the middle of my batch.
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Lawctopus Featured on Economic Times! :)

Increasingly, more portals are offering specialist services as the industry grows rapidly. As in the case of Lawctopus.com set up two years ago by Tanuj Kalia, who set up the company with four friends while recovering from a bout of chickenpox. Kalia and his friends earn about Rs 6 lakh per year as profit from portal which hosts advertisements and paid blogging services.
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We Get Featured on YourStory: “Lawctopus, An Online Repository for All Things Legal”

We get around 37,000 unique visitors a month which generates more than 2,50,000 page-views . We are with pretty low bounce rate (52%) and 91% of the visitors are from India. 66.5% of our visitors are returning visitors. Also, our Facebook page is now a home to more than 10,000 law students.

VOTE FOR LAWCTOPUS: TATA NEN First Dot Startup Competition

We hope Lawctopus has helped you over the years. We'd surely like to grow and this competition can help us gain some cash and visibility. Help us win it! So please do spare a minute and vote for Lawctopus

Lawctopus: The journey of “A website for law students”- Part I

And here is Lawctopus! Our earlier tagline went something like this- Lawctopus: Helping hands for law students. We soon realised that this was a bit uncool, something what Lawstudentindia was. Lawctopus: Causing whirlpools in law schools is something doing the rounds too. Today, we stand by both our taglines.