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pricewater house cooper internship

Internship @ Price Waterhouse Cooper, Gurgaon: Due Diligence & Research Work, Professional Environment, No Stipend

a. Highly sophisticated work culture. b. Work Culture aimed at not only generating output but also catered to overall development of an Individual. c. A 8-5 work culture with Cyber City as location, its an Employee friendly Organisation. d. Nothing bad at all, a must Internship for every Individual.

Internship @ Advocate Nand Kishore Upmanyu, Mathura District Court: Why a District Court Internship Teaches You a Lot

The senior lawyers maintain their hagemony. Apparently every lawyer is like 'aler-ego' of the other. But when they are opposite to each other in the proceedingd, the real them comes into play. By Vrinda Chauhan, Aligarh Muslim University
Internship Luthra & Luthra Law Offices, New Delhi

Internship @ Luthra & Luthra, Mumbai: Due Diligence Compliance, Kind Associates, Rs.200/- Per Day Stipend

The no-nonsense, calm and straightforward thinking of the partners, associates made work an even more enjoyable activity. I looked forward to going to the office and working even on weekends.

Internship @ Chambers of Advocate Abinash Kumar, Patiala House, New Delhi: My First Step Into Law Firm

My time at the firm, albeit requesting, was from multiple points of view the most cannily fortifying background I have had in that it obliged me to think imaginatively and engineer answers for a mixture of issues.

Internship @ Allahabad High Court Mediation and Conciliation Centre: Observing Proceedings, Understanding ADR, Enriching Experience

A popular feeling that courts work hand in hand with the mediation facility produces satisfactory and faster settlement among the parties. Therefore, it can be said that mediation works for developing a more civilized society by providing a mutual settlement.
Internship Dua Associates, Delhi

Internship @ Dua Associates, Gurgaon: Company Law & FDI Policy Research, No Stipend

It is a common thing for interns to approach Associates in both litigation and corporate departments for work and most likely all of them happen to have some work for you. The advantage of not restricting myself to one Associate or one dept. was getting a variety of work in Companies Act, Customs and Excise, Stamp Act, Taxation Law, Food Safety and Security Act etc.
Internship J Sagar Associates, Delhi

Internship @ J. Sagar Associates, Mumbai: Due Diligence Reports & Research; Stipend of Rs.1500 per Week

The best things at JSA is their relaxed work culture. Nobody is strict here and you can do whatever you want without anybody bothering you. Also the Sodexo coupons that you get are an added advantage. The office is very well connected to buses, railway stations and taxis hence travelling becomes very easy.

Internship @ National Legal Services Authority, New Delhi: Summarizing Petitions, Jail Visits, No Stipend

Existential crises aside though, the environment is much more relaxed than in a firm or with an advocate. This internship is slightly unusual in that the work environment doesn’t really play that important a role, because you won’t be sitting in the office for too long anyway.
remfry and sagar internship

Internship Experience @ Remfry and Sagar, Gurgaon: Great for IPR Lovers

It was a realization that professional life is a lot different and whatever we have studied from the books is just the abc of the practical legal field. Being an IPR hons student it helped me a lot to have a look at the practical application of whatever I had studied.

Internship Experience @ The Chamber of Law, New Delhi: Associates who teach you

TCL deals with both civil and criminal side but we were supposed to intern in civil side. As we had not read the CPC so the area was new for us. In the starting days of internship they used to give us files and judgments to read. After 10-12 days they started to allot work to us. By Vishnu Tandi, 3rd year, ITM University, Gurgaon

Internship @ Office of Senior Public Prosecutor, Delhi High Court: Inexhaustive learning opportunities

Even though I complained of having to wake up early in the mornings for reaching the courts on time and for not being given a stipend, May, 2014 had been a month of inexhaustive learning opportunities.