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Interview with Raghav Chakravarthy & Sachin Ravi; SLS Pune-ICICI Alumnus: Going About Start-Ups [Part I]

Taking the decision has not been easy. There have been a fair bit of sacrifices and conscious cut down in lifestyle choices to becoming financially sustainable.However taking the decision has been liberating and you feel vulnerable and naked of sorts letting yourself open to the world!
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Career Talk with ILS Alumnus and AZB Associate Vasudha Asher: Not Knowing is Death

Within my first few days at work, I was slapped into understanding that I just couldn’t talk through my hat and that my opinions had to be substantiated with the relevant provisions of law. I was taught to question every single word I read.

Career Talk 1: Interview With Raja Selvam, IP Attorney, Chennai: Running a Law Firm and Bringing-up a Son

When you start a firm you need to do everything, right from fixing the internet that does not work to a client meeting. We got our first fee payment on the 3rd month since opening and it was for Rs.800 and there was a sense of pride when we got the cheque with the name “Selvam and Selvam” in it.