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Lawctopus’ Discussion on Starting-Up in Law School: March 20th | 10 PM | 45 Minutes @ Lawctalk

Aruj Garg (5th year, NLSIU and founder of Bhukkad) and Tanuj Kalia (5th year, NUJS and founder of Lawctopus) will answer your questions (on Lawctalk, the forum) related to starting-up, entrepreneurship and doing business. Aruj's Bhukkad is a food start-up and provides an alternative to canteens. Lawctopus is a media start-up catering to law students in India.

From Lawctalk: “Hello Sir! I had Applied for an Internship”

So recently, I got over my utter indifference (and apprehension) over calling the law firms after going through a really bad experience half a year back.

I thought, what the hell man, what loss over the phone. So I picked up that phone and dialled that number.

Guys, two internships were confirmed to me.

Introducing Lawctalk: the Lawctopus Forum

Do join Lawctalk (Facebook login is available) and do start talking! It will take you 10-15 minutes to get the hang of it; but once you have it's mostly fun and sometimes useful too!