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LAW (Law for Aid and Welfare) is Looking for Chairperson for Centre for Women Empowerment: Part-time, Unpaid; Apply by May 22

The Centre shall carry out consultation on various bills and legislations of Indian government and United Nations Organizations besides conducting awareness programmes on various social, environmental and economic issues facing the women and girl child.

Call for Papers : Govt. Law College, Thrissur’s Elenchus Law Review

We are pleased to inform you that Govt. Law College, Thrissur has decided to publish a peer reviewed and interdisciplinary journal bi-annually. Posted by Sreenath Namboodri. Anyone can post HERE.

CIRC’s 8 Weeks ONLINE Certificate Course on Competition Act, 2002; Register by Sep 5; Please Mention Lawctopus

The participants are required to complete the course in eight weeks as per the schedule. At the successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded with a Certificate signed by Chairman, CIRC. Subject queries, if any, submitted to: ca02-expert@circ.in , will be answered by Competition Act 2002 experts.
vakilsearch internship, online legal internship

vakilsearch is Looking for Interns who know SEO & Law, Apply by July 7; Online work for 2 hours/day; Stipend Rs. 2-4k

The interns are required to put a minimum of 2 hours of work everyday for a month. They'll be paid a stipend of Rs. 2000-4000 depending on the quality of work. The work involves formatting of content and might get repetitive.

The Thick Layer of (Professional) Ethics

When did “profession” became more important than truth, honesty and justice? What about the duties of lawyers as a citizen? After all every individual is a human first, and then a professional. This is what I call the “human first approach", as I strongly believe that every human should fulfill his duties as a citizen and a human first, and only then can he seek to achieve the finer virtues of professionalism. By Pranjal Kamra, HNLU Raipur

Who Moved My Dreams? From Criminal Lawyering Dreams to Moving to a Law Firm to Settling in an LPO

My seniors were some of those who never tasted the Indian side of the legal experience, I thought of them as interns who need some guidance in life. But I got swayed with the lavish life that these corporates give you. I bought a house with the bonus that I earned there, but lost my individuality of being an IP lawyer that I dreamt of. By Ms. Heena Merchant, Lawyer at Infosys

Sitting for the Civil Services Exam: What Internships Should I Do?

Question: I am in my 4th year and have at least 2-3 internships left. In one of your articles you mentioned that internships at this stage should be more career oriented.

I am preparing for the Civil Services Exam and would like to pursue a career in Indian Administration.

My query is what type of internships should I pursue?

Behind The Scenes of My Internship: 13 Bitter Things I Learnt in an NGO Internship

8. How to quietly sneak off the bus without buying a ticket and then rejoicing about it because it’s the only funny thing that happened that day.

9. How to listen to music with earphones when both your hands are busy washing clothes and you’re not wearing pants with pockets.

By Tanisha Khaitan

Coursera’s Law Courses: Take the World’s Best Courses, Online, For Free

Coursera (/kɔrsˈɛrə/) is an educational technology company founded by computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller from Stanford University. Coursera works with universities to make some of their courses available online, and offers courses in engineering, humanities, medicine, biology, social sciences, mathematics, business, computer science, and other areas.

Interview-NALSAR’s Rhode’s Scholar Shreya Atrey: Choose With Guts Not With the Herd

Needless to say the vision expressed in the Will of the founder is paramount. Thus, literary and scholastic attainments; fondness of and success in outdoor sports; exhibition of moral force of character and leadership qualities - all need to be reasonably demonstrated in an application. More importantly I have been very thoughtful about my choices while at law school—it’s important to choose with gut not with herd.