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Internship Delhi State Legal Service Authority (DSLSA), Delhi

Internship @ Delhi Legal State Authority: Jail and Court Visits, Systematic Work, Rated 9/10

We visited several observation homes as well as child welfare homes under the juvenile justice board of delhi. We interacted with the children and filled in the questionnaires provided to us by DLSA. These questionnaires included details of the children such as their family background, the time span spent in the welfare/observation home, if they are satisfied with the living conditions
mulla and mulla internship, mull & mulla law firm

Internship @ Mulla and Mulla, Mumbai: Learn the Craft of Preparing a Draft!

How to go about a research was my biggest lesson. Also, the way a petition is drafted can change the whole case into an entirely new one. It's an art that can make or break the case.