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Call for Papers: National Workshop on Deliberations on Copyright Issues in Cyber Space in India

Call for Papers: NLIU National Seminar on Gender Issues in Media [Dec 12-13]; Submit by Nov 5

The submissions may be emailed to gendermedianliu@gmail.com in Microsoft Word.

Call for Papers: AMU Seminar on Decentralization & Poverty Reduction in India [Nov 7-8]; Submit Abstracts by Oct 5

The papers as per above details can also be sent to azamkhanamu@gmail.com

Call for Papers: National Seminar on Gender Equality and Feminism 2015 [May 2-3, Dehradun]; Submit Abstracts by April 14

Full papers not exceeding 5000 words are to be sent to the organizing committee on or before 21st April 2015 on libranationalseminar2015@gmail.com

Call for Papers: Bharati Vidyapeeth’s National Seminar on Media and Law [March 28, Pune]: Submit Abstracts by March 22

The author can submit the soft copy of the manuscript in M.S. Word as per Bluebook 19th Edition Format at the emails IDs: blr@bvpnlcpune.org, newlawcollege@yahoo.co.in, amanmishra579@gmail.com

Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University’s Seminar on Ever Greening and Compulsory Licensing [April 26]: Register by April 20

Academicians from the field of Intellectual Property Law and allied fields, Justice Practitioners, members from Judiciary, the NGOs, lawyers, students from the disciplines mentioned above and others who are interested are invited to participate.

Call for Papers: Amity Law School Noida’s National Seminar on Forensics in Bank and Credit Card Frauds [March 20]; Submit by March 14

Themes: 1. Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Evidence in ATM/ Credit Card Crimes. 2. Internet Banking : Transaction Frauds in Online shopping 3. Jurisdiction Issues in Cross Border Frauds- Investigation, Detection and Prosecution 4. Digital Forensics with regard to Bank and Credit Card Frauds

Call for Papers: CNLU Patna’s Two-Day Seminar on Banking Law [Dec. 7-8]; Submit by Nov. 16

Chanakya National Law University, Patna is organising a Two Day long seminar on 'Banking Laws' on 7th and 8th of December, 2013. Research Papers are invited from the Teachers, Scholars, Researchers, Judges, Lawyers, Academicians, Bankers and Students on issue related to above theme.

Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, Chennai’s Call for Papers: Seminar on Law, Policy on Civil Aviation; Submit by Nov 30

Themes 1. Setting Up of Aviation Security Force Need to promote higher education in Civil Aviation 2. Need for disabled friendly law and policy In Civil Aviation 3. Need for Ombudsmen in Civil Aviation 4. Competition Law and Civil Aviation

Call for Papers: NUSRL Ranchi’s National Seminar on Economic Reforms, Liberalisation & FDI; Submit by Dec 26

Sub-themes of the Seminar Economic Reforms in India: An Overview Economic Liberalisation: Law practice in India Economic Liberalisation: Role of FDI in shaping different sectors of Economy Economic Liberalisation: Challenges ahead

Think India’s National Seminar: Law-Fulcrum of Change; Submit by 2nd October

Think India is hosting a National summit titled ‘Law: Fulcrum of Change?’ on the 6th & 7th of October 2012 at the NITTTR, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh). This summit invites participation from Students, Alumni, Researchers and Faculty members of Premier Institutes of India. Prizes 1 . Photography: 15000 INR 2 . Poster: 15000 INR 3 . Essay Writing: 15000 INR 4 . Short Films: 20000 INR 5 . Debates: 25000 INR 6 . Stage/Street Play: 25000 INR