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His Eyes | Valentine’s Day Entry

Once upon a time, I was a lark. But then, there was a time, when I was neither a lark nor an owl. I...

Size Matters? I was the Shortest Kid, then became Very Fat

You see I have actually experienced these things in my life, first being shortest kid in class, then suddenly gaining weight and becoming a laughing stock for everyone. So yes, I am very well aware of what I am talking. By Prakhar Tandon

Finding What You Love, Life Amidst a 6 PM Curfew & Writing [A Brief Take on Life in NLU Delhi]

Now as the end of the third semester draws close, I have come to the conclusion that in law school, you will find people who do everything and also people who do not do everything that law school has to offer. By Kudrat Agrawal
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The Autobiography of an Unknown NUALSian

NUALS (popularly known as Manalimukku Law College!) is located at Manalimukku in the middle of nowhere.

The Laid-Back Life of School of Legal Studies, CUSAT [AND] Lessons Beyond the Rat Race, the CV

My life at ‘law school’ has been an interesting so far. Still keeping my eyes and ears open for more lessons and experiences. Some of the important lessons that I learnt: take responsibility for your own life, do everything that keeps you happy and lastly be smart enough to distinguish between situations which you can control and those which you cannot. By Saipooja

What it is like to be Gay

Hey, we can’t legislate on the matter of Marital Rape, since the law would be entering into the bedroom of the people, but aren’t we already sitting inside it, when we criminalise gay sex?

ICFAI Law School’s Awesome List of Dos and Don’ts

Don’t miss to visit Mussorie: Believe me, it’s an awesome place!

Career Talk with HNLU Alumnus Arpit Guru (Law Clerk, Supreme Court of India)

Lawctopus' HNLU Campus Manager Aunnesha Dey recently interviewed alumnus Arpit Guru who is currently serving as a Law Clerk in Supreme Court of India.

4 Law Students Share Their Biggest Career Fears

As in BIG enough to see that yes people know me , by my name they know what work I've done.

6 Biggest Career Fears ‘Miss Anonymiss’ Has About Her Legal Career

Earlier I was not at all interested in pursuing law. It was because of my father and his uncle, who was once the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court, that I gave Law entrance exams just for the sake of it.

Aparajita Paul : A Person to Remember

A regular day in class when a teacher tells us the names of some amazing seniors in RGNUL. Somehow the name of Aparajita Roy Paul stuck with me. That evening, laptop in front of me, hers was the only name I could remember. As it is with all things in the internet one thing led to another and before I knew it I had her Blog, LinkedIn and Facebook opened in multiple tabs. By Prerit

Finding Happiness in Chaos : The Law School Life

Before I take your leave and stop boring you further with my thoughts coming out on (electronic) paper, I’d like you to fast-forward your life 5 years down college and think of the day you’d be having your farewell. Rest assured, you’ll walk out with a lump in your throat; the question is whether the tears would be for the good things you leave behind, or for the things you wish you had done while you had the chance.. By Ishan Khanna, 2nd year, HNLU Raipur

[1825]: Some Might Disagree, But I found a Different World in Law School

And the above insignificant details leads me to the most bizarre question of all- How were 5 years of law school for you? The only words that come to my mind are ‘numb’ and ‘disoriented’. I can’t really say, 5 years were candy floss; but a bone-shaking ride for sure. I took up law because I’d heard it involved a lot of reading. For a person, who had read the Philosopher’s Stone under the ‘Goodnight lamp light, because it was way past her bedtime, I found myself crushing on law. By Arpita Seth, National Law Institute University, Bhopal
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[1825]: The Best Phase of My Life: 5 Years in a Law School Called NLIU Bhopal

I am forced to experience a carnival of emotions in my mind: right from being too sentimentally attached to this place in order to leave, to the anticipation, excitement and fear about the life ahead. By Arushi Singh, NLIU Bhopal

Interview with Srishti Sharma, SLS Alum @ AZB, Delhi: “Be Wary of Complacency”; “How Symbhav Changed My Life”; “Separating the Personal-Professional”

Q. Things you’d advice others to stay wary of?

A. Getting complacent! It is easy to just get stuck in the daily deadlines of –assignments, lectures etc. You should really go ahead and do something you really like even if it does not fit in with the typical law school schedule.

While its completely normal for students from other non-law colleges, law students have this tendency to look down upon extra-curriculars, which I feel is pretty sad and also harmful for us. It should be totally cool for a law school student to also be participating in dance competitions, fashion shows, plays, acapella competitions etc.

More importantly, it is good for you and leads to a more wholesome sort of a growth. So yeah, stay wary of stereotypes and complacency? Take that extra step today, now! Form a dance troupe in your college, sign up for the Teach for India programme, organize a charity drive, just do something that makes you look and think beyond law.

Skills you’d pick up while doing a Parliamentary Debate or organising a Fest, might actually be of as much (if not more) help to you more when you’re negotiating a contract or pleading in court, than that essay you might have written on “Skills of a good Negotiator”.