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Internship @ The Mediation and Conciliation Centre, Lucknow: Apt for First Years, Observing Proceedings, No Stipend

Be ready with the answers for these questions if you wish to intern here. Best things The best thing was witnessing real Mediation Proceedings and sometimes being given a chance to even interact with clients.
Model Governance Summer School

Model Governance Foundation Online Research Internship 2015: Apply by Jan 31

The candidates are required to send in their CVs along with a Statement of Purpose for joining the organisation. Applications have to be mailed at: mgf.internship@gmail.com

Internship Experience @ Harish Salve: 4 Weeks Seemed Less!

The associates are always there, constantly working and guiding us to attend courts and conferences. The assistants send us an email daily stating which conference to attend, the cook prepared food and coffee, espresso etc whenever we were hungry, there were instructions to contact Ma’am in case of any issues.

Judicial Internship @ Justice R.J. Mittal, District Court, Bhopal: Practical Knowledge in Abundance, No Stipend

You get first hand experience and actually understand how a court proceeding takes place. We all try to grasp theoretical knowledge but do not have any knowledge about practicality- like there are various formalities which you have to fulfill before admitting a case.
Internship PUCL Jaipur, PUCL Internship Jaipur

Internship @ PUCL, Jaipur: Success Demands Loyalty

The main task includes field work- going to various examine things and make report on that i.e. Refugee camp survey, Mahila Thana survey, etc.
Internship Human Rights Law Network Allahabad

Internship @ (HRLN) Human Rights Law Network, New Delhi: An Organization Open to Ideas, Free of Bureaucratic Rigidity

With every successive internship at a new environment, you get to meet new people, get to leveling them on one platform and comparing them with the restraint of your judgement neutral mind. Maybe, so that understand them better, classify them according to your perception so that when needed, you could know where to go, what to ask.

Internship @ BJP Youth Wing, Delhi: Great Networking, Political Internship

f you hate politics then this is certainly not your place but if you believe in networking then this is THE place, my friends. You get to meet people from every walk of life.
Cobalt, canada law firm internship, internship experience

Internship @ Cobalt Business Counsel, Canada: A Stint in Canadian Laws

You may encounter extremists at work and that is where your professional ethics might push you forward to sustain yourself, even if the circumstance gets too pressing!
Office of Dr. Anmol Rattan Sidhu, President Bar Association Punjab and Haryana High Court and Ex-Assistant Solicitor General of India

Internship @ Assistant Solicitor General Dr. Anmol Rattan Sidhu, Chandigarh: Nobody Can Ask For A Better Working Environment

I expected it to be intimidating but everyone around was friendly and associates were always ready to teach you, guide you wherever you stumbled.
Krishna & saurastri,

Internship @ Krishna & Saurastri, Bangalore: IPR Related Work, Stipend of Rs.4K/Month

Since my interest is in litigation, I had the opportunity to work on and attend cases pending in various courts. Work given to me ranged from carrying-out research to drafting of petitions to preparing brief for the senior counsel.
Internship Greenpeace India, Hyderabad , ngo internship

Internship @ Greenpeace India, Pune: Flexible Timings, Fundraising Activities, Stipend of Rs.200/Day

Work environment is very friendly interns and the employees are treated equally. Occasionally we were called for team outing.Once the whole Greenpace pune team including the interns went for a movie. So, it was not only a internship full of learning but also a internship full of fun.

Internship @ Chambers of Advocate Pranay Agrawal, New Delhi: A Brief is Like a Miniskirt

The internship application made by email, is followed by a telephonic interview with questions regarding area of interest, expectations from the internship amongst others.