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NLU Jodhpur National Seminar cum Documentary Making Competition

Pre-Invite for NLU Jodhpur Cultural Festival NH-65 [Oct 9-12]: Ping Them by Aug 15

We would require the interested institution to kindly intimate us as to the following: (a) Whether your college would be interested to participate in the Festival and (b) Which of the above events your college is likely to participate in. We would be grateful if you could send a favourable response latest by the Aug 15 at nh65.2014@gmail.com
virudhaka nliu bhopal sports festival

Virudhaka: NLIU Bhopal’s Inter-Collegiate Sports Fest [Oct 11-14]

Virudhaka has always stood apart from the other sports fests and that too in many ways. With the galore gaming opportunities that it offers, the fest also ensures that there is festivity and flamboyance in the environs. With the popular rock bands like the Faridkot and the Indian Ocean play at NLIU, Virudhaka makes you feel jubilant at your choice to become a part of it, and reaffirms your resolve to become a part of it again.