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Lawctopus’ InternSmith Coaching Program [Feb 1-20]: Register by Jan 15; Get the Know-How to Get Good Internships

Law students spend a large amount of time applying for internships. Most of the internship applications are rejected and the law student has no...

By LawLoser: 12 Tips When the Stud Intern Gets Work and You Don’t

Associates enter, Mr. Stud goes and talks to them,with an air of confidence and absolute comfort, while you slightly look up from your cubicle to see what's happening. Just knowing he will be shunned away by the associates like you were.

Legal Internship Advice: Bend Like the Willow, Don’t Resist Like the Oak

An internship at a start-up might turn you into an entrepreneur and a mid-sized organisation will show you the magic of the 'compromised cubicle comfort'. A RelationShip comes before an InternShip. Learn to see the Ship's size and know what will sink you and what will be your saviour.

Legal Internships: 3 Timeless Lessons. And 8 ‘Must Do’ Things

Apply for your internships as soon as possible! If you apply two months before than your intended period of internship, your chances of securing an internship double vis-a-vis if you had applied one month before.