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Internship @ K.K. Sharma & Co., New Delhi: Impressive Office, Research Work, No Stipend

My main task was to read case files and research on the upcoming matters in the High Court. Ma’am would ask me to prepare a case in a way in which I would argue and ask me questions after I thought I had it researched. By Tarika Jain, Gujarat National Law University, 2nd year,

Internship @ Oasis Counsel and Advisory, Mumbai: Research Work, Performance Based Stipend

It is mostly research based work, along with clerical tasks at times. Sometimes, the intern may also accompany an associate to the court proceedings. However, there is not much work pressure. Posted by Meesha Varshney

Internship @ Advocate Manasi Joshi and Associates, Pune: Good for Lit, Friendly Environment, No Stipend

Main tasks were generally drafting and researching various cases related to Consumer Protection Act, 1986. I was also asked to draft a divorce case including clauses of domestic violence. You will also be asked to prepare a reply letter to various clients of the firm. Shared by Aunneshaa Dey. Anyone can share his/her internship experience HERE.

Internship @ I.G. & Associates, New Delhi : Good Work Environment, Drafting & Research Work, No Stipend; Rated 10/10

They are friendly, they give you good work, they explain concepts, they don't think you are a piece of dirt (unlike certain other law firm associates), they talk to you kindly, they involve you in discussions and most of all they are considerate.

Internship @ Suri & Co., Law Firm, Delhi : Research based Work, Friendly Work Enviro, No Stipend

My main task was to help all lawyers in their research. I was summoned when needed and given loads of research work on various topics like Indian Stamp act, Income Tax act, Indian Contract act, Companies act etc. I was asked to find Judgments using Manupatra, SCC etc.

Internship Experience @ Mento Associates, Bangalore : Court Visits, Drafting Work, Rated 10/10

For instance, if a couple's heading for divorce but one of them WANTS to make it work, would you or would you not recommend that they go in for Mediation? I was stunned by how important simple things affect your judgement of a party, especially matrimonial ones.

Internship Experience @ Kocchar and Co., Delhi: Friendly Environment, Good Work, No Stipend

I hadn't even studied company law in detail when I started interning but Ms Anuradha was patient and gave me daily assignments to make me aware of the law. She would test how much I want to do and would give me work accordingly. Other associates are kind of snooty specially the younger ones), but hey, I should not judge them.

Internship @ Singhania & Partners LLP, Noida: Good Work Environment, No Stipend

People in the office were very supportive and give you a very quality work to do and then they also take take pains to explain you any matter in which you were facing problems and work environment was was very nice. By Ankit Gaurav, Institute Of Law, Nirma University, (III Year)

Internship @ Thiru and Thiru, Bangalore: Good Work, Personal Attention; No Stipend

I was surprised that Mr. Thiru actually took time to personally evaluate the interns. You may also be lucky to get a treat on one of the weekends. By Mariam Munazz, University Law College (2nd year at the time of internship)

Internship Experience @ Jayati Chowdhury and Associates, Kolkata: Good Drafting Work, No Stipend

I went to the office, though the office is not too big and decorated but it is very clean and has lots of work. But the only condition is the intern has to show his interest and come on time as it is very evident that in this profession is no one will teach you anything out of his own knowledge you have to show your own interest and hard work.

Internship @ R.K. Dewan & Co. Pune (Trademark and Patent Attorneys): Good Work to the Deserving; No Stipend

Another intern at the office and I were given the gigantic (but feel-good) work of drafting the entire litigation-related documents for a huge corporation in the issue of trademark infringement. Bottom line is, you provide your worth and you have a good (but tiring!) time. Neeati Narayan, Symbiosis Law School, Pune, 2nd year

Internship @ AZB & Partners, Noida: Great Work Culture, Good Work, No Stipend

This is the best part. In a law firm of the status of AZB & Partners, you'd expect majority of the employees to be nose deep in work right? Wrong. They have the considerable amount of freedom and flexibility when it comes to their work, and after talking to some of the Associates, it is very clear that they really enjoy their work environment- and it clearly shows! By Rohan Mukherjee, 3rd year, NLUO