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Internship @ Mulla & Mulla Craigie Blunt and Caroe, Mumbai: Comfortable Environment, Research & Drafting Work, No Stipend

I researched and assisted in various arbitration matters and summary suits, administrative suits, testamentary suits, Caveat Form of the rules, Leave and License agreement, providing notices to other parties, making written statements and filing application for the registration of trademark and etc.

Internship @ Trilegal, Mumbai : Rs. 15,000/Month Stipend | Abstract Paintings | Cool Balcony | Lots to Learn | Exceptional Work Enviro | Cake but no Song | National Law School Clout

Nobody expects you to spit out answers as soon as a question is thrown at you, take your time and work on it but be prepared when it's time to discuss it with your team or associate. There's a lot to be learnt from these exercises and you are encouraged to put your own views forward and debate it out to help come to a complete and balanced conclusion. By Dhruv Banerji; School of Law, Christ University; BBA LLB (Hons) batch of 2014

Internship @ Solomon & Company Advocates and Solicitors, Mumbai: Stipend of 7500/month, Lots of Research Work

On the first day I was introduced to one of the partners of the firm Krishnan sir ( who was earlier Legal Head, India at Vodafone and has now taken retirement).