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Internship Fox and Mandal, Kolkata

Internship @ Fox & Mandal, Kolkata: Relaxed Work Environment, Nominal Stipend

It is a very relaxed work environment, which makes it all the more important to make an impression on your team so that you become the go-to guy/gal.

Internship @ HN Datta and Co. Solicitors and Advocates, Kolkata: You end up learning something new everyday

Mailed my CV to the firm and was referred to the partner of the firm, Advocate Bhupendra Gupta, to work initially as an intern and then as a paralegal till I clear my AIBE (All India Bar Examination) by Advocate Partha Pratim Dutt, and further assist them in diverse legal matters as an Advocate.
Internship Fox and Mandal, Kolkata

Internship @ Fox Mandal, Kolkata: Stipend Rs. 1500

I learnt that those school textbooks of moral science were all right. Patience and hard work are the keys to success, but if your success includes a law firm, extremely sound observational skills come in handy as well.

Internship @ Meharia & Co. Advocates, Kolkata {s}

All associates are very friendly and co-operative. However you will not get any work unless you go and ask for it. There were also days when I did not do anything at the office.