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Career Talk With LAMP Fellow Kabir Darshan Singh Chaudhary: Application Procedure & Opportunities

There is no such thing as a perfect application as there is always a scope of improvement. However, anyone interested in this fellowship should choose a particular policy topic of their interest and follow it diligently on regular basis. With this, the applicant will have no problem with the policy essay. Interviewers are smart people, they know if the essay is backed with a 6 hour or 6 months research.
Renjini Rajagopalan, lamp fellow

LAMP Fellowship Interviews: Interview with Renjini Rajagopalan, NUALS Graduate, LAMP Fellow 2012-13 [APPLY BY FEB 20]

The LAMP offer came in at the right time. Also, from a legal perspective, law students are given plenty of opportunities to observe the functioning of the Judiciary, but not so with the Legislature, which is where the laws are passed.