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Internship Experience @ Khaitan & Company, Kolkata

Internship @ Khaitan & Co., Kolkata: Drafting and Research Work | Friendly Associates | Rs.4000 Stipend

his was my first internship with proper drafting work. I got to work with very friendly associates who gave me work, discussed law points and also commented on my work by telling me as to what are the required changes and helped me to improve a lot upon my work.

Internship @ Vidhii Partners, Kolkata: Good Work and Work Environment, Rs. 1000 Stipend

I got research work on diverse areas of Company law, SARFAESI ACT, Letters Patent Appeal, Drafting an Order Sheet, Summarisation of cases, Contract Law etc. By Roumita Dey, Jogesh Chandra Choudhuri College of Law (affiliated to Calcutta University)

Internship Experience @ Chakraborty & Associates, Kolkata: The real world starts outside the campus

By Kunal Dey, College of Legal Studies, U.P.E.S, Dehradun, Second Year

Internship @ Sandip Agarwal and Co., Kolkata: Good work, Good environment, Rs. 3000 Stipend

The best thing about the place is that you are not treated as an Intern rather than a part of the firm. I realized this when I was given the opportunity to brief the Senior Advocate, without any hindrance or interference from any of the associates present there. There are regular meetings between the Interns and Mr Sandip Agarwal to check the progress on our work. By Ozair Elahi, Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University, 2nd Year

Internship Experience @ J.N Bose & Co, Kolkata: Got to hear some of the greatest advocates arguing their cases

Apart from that, the staff present was super friendly and entertaining. Rabin Da would give you coffee/tea/snacks anytime you wanted. The best thing was that I got to visit the Calcutta High Court every other day and hear some of the greatest advocates arguing their cases. By Poushali Nandi, II year, BA LLB, School of law, Christ University, Bangalore
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Internship Experience at Udwadia Udeshi & Argus Partners, Kolkata: For the most part, the work was really good

I have never interned in a place with a better atmosphere. People wanted the work done but that did not mean you are supposed to just stare at your screen. The associates had a lot of fun and made the interns very comfortable. By Kaustubh Rastogi, GNLU, 3rd Year