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Internship @ Menon and Pai, Kochi: Be a Go Getter; Research Work, No Stipend

The associates , clerks and other staff were extremely kind and helpful. We were to occupy one air conditioned and comfortable conference room. It seemed extremely professional because we had to work to meet deadlines.

Internship @ Babu & Babu Advocates, Kochi: Good Work and Work Environment, Lots of Lessons

I noticed that no case was missed or no hearing was left unattended in spite of having so many cases per day. The efficient coordination and the brilliant team work of the organization are commendable.

Internship Experience @ Menon & Pai, Litigation Law Firm, Kochi: Strict Working Environment, No Stipend

The unapproachability of some of the associates was a slight detriment to my enthusiasm towards working. Additionally, the office did not have WiFi and only had one computer connected to the internet for the interns to use.
kocchar and co. internship, kocchar law firm internship

Internship Experience @ Kochhar & Co., Gurgaon: Professional Work Environment, Varied Work, No Stipend

The work I learnt the most was to draft as a lawyer. By the end of the internship I was given an arbitration case for which I had to write the whole of the submissions. I was given an idea how to write an opinion note for a client too. By Shivam Grover. UILS, Panjab University. Fourth Year

Internship Opportunity at Kaleeswaram Raj & Associates, Kochi, Kerala

Kaleeswaram Raj and Associates is purely a litigation firm practicing in the areas of Civil, Criminal, Administrative (Service) and Constitutional Law at the High Court of Kerala and Supreme Court of India.