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Internship Experience @ Khaitan & Company, Kolkata

Internship @ Khaitan & Co. Kolkata : Great place to work in; Rs. 6500 Stipend

It's a great place to work in, with excellent internet connectivity and a plethora of books to research from. I had real fun working in the office. The people are friendly and helpful, and Shibu da in the office brings tea twice a day with a scowl on his face and a song in his heart.

Internship @ Khaitan & Co., Kolkata: Good Work Atmosphere, Stipend 2500, Rated 7/10

The work atmosphere at Khaitan and Co is relaxed. Most of the associates are young and they are really cordial and helpful. Interns also get an opportunity to interact with the senior partners. Once an associate gives you some work, the chances of getting work from him/her again depends entirely on your performance. Deepti Somani, ILS Law College (interned during the 4th year)