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Why The Whole World Should Attend NLU Delhi’s Kairos 2015 [March 20-22]

Meet new people and create ever-lasting memories. The college, crowd and environment will certainly give you a buzz.

Pre Invite for NLU Delhi Cultural Fest ‘Kairos 2015’ [March 20-22]

National Law University, Delhi is pleased to welcome you to the second edition of its annual cultural fest Kairos to be held from 20th March to 22nd March, 2015.
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NLUD’s KAIROS is HERE! [Feb 28-March 2]

Amongst the major attractions for the fest will be our set of FLAGSHIP EVENTS – One Night Band Stand, the battle of bands; You Can’t Handle the Truth, the make-believe jury trial; Galli Galli Mein Shor Hai, the socially relevant street play contest; Thunder, the duet/group dance competition; Strife, the Pro-Am style debate; and the rather self-explanatory Q.U.I.Z.!
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NLU Delhi’s Maiden Literary and Cultural Fest KAIROS [Feb 28-March 2]

NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY, DELHI (NLUD) invites you to its maiden literary and cultural fest, KAIROS to be held from February 28th to March 2nd, 2014.