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Judicial Internship @ Justice R.J. Mittal, District Court, Bhopal: Practical Knowledge in Abundance, No Stipend

You get first hand experience and actually understand how a court proceeding takes place. We all try to grasp theoretical knowledge but do not have any knowledge about practicality- like there are various formalities which you have to fulfill before admitting a case.

Internship @ Chambers of Justice Anil Kumar, Lucknow Bench-Allahabad HC

Sir asked me to observe the court proceedings and make notes of issues. He asked to me to write reasons for rejecting or allowing few bail applications which were there in his court. After reading them he use to tell me about its correctness and his reasoning for it. It was a good challenge to get them correct.

Judicial Clerkship in India: Qs & As | How to Get One

As Socrates said: Marry if you find a good wife you will be happy if you find a bad wife, you will be a philosopher. Sadly my experience has been far from pleasant but I got to read and understand an amazing variety of matters; from murders and rapes to property disputes and rent control matters, mining, service matters, land acquisition etc etc. This experience is broader than you will get ANYWHERE else in India in the field of litigation.