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Call for Papers: JGLS Coference The South Asia International Economic Law Network

Call For Papers : JGLS National Student Research Colloquium; Submit by Feb 1

The JGU National Student Research Colloquium (‘SRC’) has, since its inception in 2010, become a unique avenue for nurturing graduate and undergraduate legal scholarship.

Interview: JGLS Entrepreneurs @ eShack – Arman Sood, Ashwajeet Singh : On-going Learning Process, The Will to Differ, Uncertain Futures, Awesome Fun!

The future is as uncertain as ever. We want to expand our range of accessories and line of beer and alcohol t-shirts and believe that there is a much bigger market out there than we have captured till now. As far as law school is concerned we need to decide our intership scene as well as whether or not to sit for placements. We have two more years of law school which will be hectic and it is going to get tougher but both of us are willing to take on the challenge and are excited to see where this goes.

Call for Papers: JGLS Student Research Colloquium on Contemporary Challenges of Law; Submit by Dec 15

The Research Colloquium will provide visibility for student research that critically analyzes the formation and functioning of the Indian legal system (ILS) over the last six decades.