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Internship Experience @ ChirAmrit Legal LLP, Jaipur: Great Infra and Environment, Lots to Learn, Taxation Matters

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the law desk internship

Internship @ The Law Desk, Jaipur: Variety of Tasks, Court Visits, Rs. 3000 Stipend

The work environment at the Law Desk is fabulous as Mr. Prateek Kasliwal gives particular importance to the interns and provide them with interesting tasks every day. The juniors under him are really hard working and humorous who will never make you feel bored and fatigue.

Internship @ Rajasthan Human Rights Commission, Jaipur: Project Work, Field Visits, No Stipend

During this Internship we had practical experience when we visited places. It was really a very different experience by visiting these places than by reading books.

Internship @ PKA Advocates, Jaipur: Amazing Infrastructure, Supportive Staff, No Stipend

The work environment is amazing but little boring as everyone is busy with their work. Associates are very helpful though strict about their work. Submitted by Dhruv Agarwal, Institute of Law, Nirma University

Internship Experience @ Naveen Kumar Sharma and Associates, Jaipur

My main task as a first year intern was to know about the working of the court and different benches. I had the opportunity to hear arguments in all types of court room ranging from civil to criminal cases.

Internship Experience @ Kasliwal Chambers [S Kasliwals & Associates], Jaipur

Kasliwal Chambers provide to very good opportunity to improve your research skills. Every intern is supposed to take queries on law point and search for relevant case laws.

Internship Experience @ Bhandari Advocates, Jaipur

By Vedansh Sharma, Institute of Law Nirma University, 2nd Year