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iversity’s Free Online Course on The European Union in Global Governance

What kind of global actor is the EU? How does it operate, what does it stand for? What is its role in the international political, economic, environmental and security arena? What are the challenges it faces? Can it rise to meet them? Sign up and find out.

iversity’s Free Online Courses on Public Privacy: Cyber Security and Human Rights; Starts Dec 2

Public Privacy: Cyber Security and Human Rights is a free online course given by iversity. It is a German initiative to impart free education in various fields. This course is designed by Prof. Dr. Anja Mihr, Academic Director of the MA Programme on Governance and Human Rights, at the Humboldt Viadrina School for Governance (HVSG) in Berlin and Associate Professor at the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights (SIM) at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Anyone can post an opportunityHERE.