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Internship @ Lawhive Associates, Mumbai: Exciting work in IPR and Media Law

We are allowed to work at our own pace and take breaks when needed. Since the firm deals with some big names in the Media, it is exciting to be working for them.
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Internship Experience @ RNA IP Attorneys (Rouse India Pvt Ltd), Gurgaon: Interesting Work, Friendly Associates

The work is extremely interesting. Since it is an IP firm, the work involves patent related cases, copyrights and design work etc. The people are extremely nice. They give you interesting work. They always appreciate you for your contribution at every time.

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY @ Inolyst: IPR and Creative Writing Work, Pay Per Project, Apply by April 30

We are currently looking for interns who should be a good wordsmith in English who would contribute engaging content/copy for our blog/website/flyers.

Internship @ K & S Partners, Gurgaon: Research on National and International Laws, No Stipend {S}

Every intern was under one mentor associate and they guided the interns. The work environment was very disciplined and the only time was the lunch time were everyone be it the interns, associates or partners used to have their lunch together.

Internship Experience @ Intellectual Property Rights Attorney Association, Chennai

By Nishit Dixit, Symbiosis Law School (Pune), 3rd Year

Internship@ Amarjit & Associates, New Delhi: Good IPR Internship, Friendly Environment, No Stipend

My first day was a bit dull since everybody at the office is extremely busy and you have to get up and do stuff on your own. You have to reach out to the associates and partners and ask for work. Though everybody is extremely nice and friendly so its not as difficult as it sounds. By Mansi Dua, Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, Delhi University, 3rd year

Internship Experience @ Bansal Advocates & Co., Noida: IPR Related Work; Rs. 3000 Stipend for 3 Weeks

My main task was drafting the various forms and applications required for registration and post registration of the trademarks. I also dealt with the client’s inquiries about the availability of the various desired names for trademarks and patents.

Internship Experience @ Singh & Associates, New Delhi: IPR Work, Stipend of Rs. 3500

Work environment is one of the best things about this firm. Associates were very helpful and were always ready to help you out with your problems. You tend to remain active and engrossed with work. Whenever you feel free, you can discuss with them, any doubts related to Intellectual property.

Internship @ L S Davar & Co., IPR Law Firm, New Delhi: It’s fun when you deal with copyright and trademark cases

There are no big or small lessons. They all depend on, how you take them. Well I learnt a lot. I have my honour in Corporate law. But working under such a firm, made me interested in Intellectual Property Rights. By Apurv Taran, National Law University, Odisha, 4th Year