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Internship @ iPleaders Intelligent Legal Solutions, New Delhi: Research and Writing Work, Nurturing Environment, No Stipend

They also constantly ask you whether you are satisfied with the work and this just goes to prove that they care about what is it that you're doing and whether it is to your liking. If they make changes with your post or feel that it lacks a little in some areas they would be sure to intimate it to you so that you may improve upon it in the future. Vrinda Bagaria. Amity Law School, IP University, Delhi. 1st year

I Have a Dream : Teaching Crores of People

My goal is not to achieve normal results as a teacher - the task at hand is to make legal education accessible in a country where respect for the legal system is going down day by day. Teaching hundreds of students every year will not satisfy me - I want to teach thousands, and one day crores of people - and make legal education truly universally accessible in India. By Ramanuj Mukherjee
NUJS & iPleaders' Free Workshop on Corporate Law Career

Internship @ iPleaders Intelligent Legal Solutions, Delhi : Enthu People, Research Work, No Stipend

Best place if you are interested in writing, if you want to explore new avenues in the legal field, anyone who plans to become an entrepreneur in future, also a very good place for creative people. The Best thing I found is- Passionate co-founders, they will certainly inspire you! Venkatesh. Institute of Law, Nirma Univeristy. 3rd Year

Internship Experience @iPleaders, Mumbai : Creative Atmosphere, Rs.1500 stipend

My main task was to assist associates by helping them in research. I researched on various topics such as Private defense, IT Act, Laws on rights of women in India, Octroi tax, Software Patenting and the likes. Anuttama Ghose, KIIT School of Law, 1st year

iPleaders is Not Selling Magic Elixir: A Reply to Haters (and thanks to our early adopters)

We are a bunch of people committed to finding the most effective ways of learning the most important parts of business law that will really make a difference to your overall career. We are committed to bring our students the best opportunities, in terms of learning and for applying what they learn. To achieve this, we research, we speak to industry bigwigs, we get smart people to work with us and we work really hard round the clock.