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Internship Experience @ iPleaders, Delhi: All the secrets are out, especially about the cats

Ginger, Pepper, Cappuccino, Chupacabra and Godzilla were the cats that used to boss us in the office. As mentioned earlier that I never liked cats, I somehow started liking them. They were too adorable to be snubbed. Ginger was the only female and used to walk like a queen in the whole office. She would pee anywhere she felt like.
iPleaders' BarHacker Fellowship in Continuing Legal Education

INTERNSHIP POST: iPleaders’ Legal Blogging Project: 2 Interns Needed, INR 3000 Stipend, Delhi Based

We need two interns to write well-researched blog posts on legal topics. You will be expected to join by 15th October and continue for a month. The position is in the iPleaders office in Delhi.

Internship @ iPleaders, Delhi: Read, Research & Write; No Stipend

One thing which I liked was their prompt reply to my application. They will also check your writing ability by asking you to write an article which will be published on their blog. By Yash Bagra, Institute of Law, Nirma University, 3rd year

iPleaders is Looking for Long Term Interns [Delhi]

iPleaders, a legal education company, is looking for 2 Delhi based long term interns who will work for at least 3 months (can work after college hours also) on legal research and writing.
iPleaders' BarHacker Fellowship in Continuing Legal Education

Internship @ iPleaders, Delhi: Quick Application Process, Research and Writing Tasks, No Stipend

The highlight of the internship was when I prepared a case-study on Blackberry, using which Abhyudyay wrote an article on how to successfully impress foreign firms like Allen and Ovary, which got published on Legally India. By Surabhi Grover. RGNUL. 2nd year

Internship Experience @ iPleaders, Delhi : It’s Different

Then I was given a topic to write an article on “Sexual harassment" it is a very good work place to interact with people. The team of ipleaders are very professional all team members were very friendly there is an interaction with the interns which I found it very useful.
ipleaders internship

Internship @ iPleaders, Delhi: Good Work, Good Environment, No Stipend

The environment is not as strict as a law firm or a lawyer's office, but there is still something that keeps us committed to our work. It surely is the attitude of the partners which keeps our spirits high! A place where young minds interact and work together has to be great, and it really is! By Pooja Natarajan, GLC Mumbai, 1st year
NUJS & iPleaders' Free Workshop on Corporate Law Career

Internship @ iPleaders Intelligent Legal Solutions, Delhi : Enthu People, Research Work, No Stipend

Best place if you are interested in writing, if you want to explore new avenues in the legal field, anyone who plans to become an entrepreneur in future, also a very good place for creative people. The Best thing I found is- Passionate co-founders, they will certainly inspire you! Venkatesh. Institute of Law, Nirma Univeristy. 3rd Year

Internship Experience @ iPleaders: Intelligent Legal Solutions, Mumbai: Friendly Environ, Writing Tasks

Basically this internship is very good for those people who want improve upon their writing skills or have an interest in writing. Your basic task is to write articles on various topics of law. Sometimes you can choose the laws your are interested in and can write articles on them. Ila Vyas, Bharati Vidyapeeth's New Law College, Pune , B.B.A-LL.B. 3rd year