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Internship Experience @ RNA IP Attorneys (Rouse India Pvt Ltd), Gurgaon: Interesting Work, Friendly Associates

The work is extremely interesting. Since it is an IP firm, the work involves patent related cases, copyrights and design work etc. The people are extremely nice. They give you interesting work. They always appreciate you for your contribution at every time.

Internship Experience @ Intellectual Property Rights Attorney Association, Chennai

By Nishit Dixit, Symbiosis Law School (Pune), 3rd Year

Internship @ Anand and Anand, Noida: Learning the Beyond-Textbooks Trademarks

I was mainly given research work on various interesting matters relating to Trademarks. The matters I was involved in were related to brands that were not even heard of in India before. It revealed a wider spectrum of aspects that are involved with marketing a Brand Name. This was definitely the sort of learning we look for which goes beyond our textbooks. By Awanika Anand , I.L.S Law College, Pune

Internship@ Fidus Law Chambers, Noida

There was not too much work, but I did get some good work especially some really cool sports law work given by Mr. Anish Dayal, one of the two partners at Fidus. It was cool because firstly I got to research on legal issues which affected many a leading cricketers and secondly because the work itself was related to many different topics and not just law!