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Online Internship @ Fusion Law School: Flexible Timing | Monthly 1K Stipend {S}

Since it was an online internship, I did not get the chance to know the whole team. But I was working under the guidance of Mr. Avinash Tripathi. He assisted me through the work that I had to do during the internship.

Internship @ Parekh & Co., New Delhi: Classic Litigation Firm | Mandatory Meetings | No Stipend

The work environment is simply outstanding, and so is the work ethic. There was always something new to do, even if that meant going to watch Supreme Court proceedings for various matters.
Internship Wadia Ghandy and Company, Pune

Internship @ Wadia Ghandy & Co, Bangalore: Productive Environment | Rated 8.5/10 | No Stipend

Since I have interned only once in Wadia Ghandy and by their expression and expectation of work, I think that it would be a hard nut to crack to get PPO there.

Internship @ Dinesh Tiwari and Associates, Mumbai: Perfect Place for Criminal & Civil Litigation | Rs. 4000 Stipend

Best part is you are not allowed to sit in the office during court hours and according to me this is the big opportunity for the interns to experience the court proceedings closely.

Internship @ A & A Law, Mumbai: Consumer Law Research, Helped in Being Articulate

This summer internship was the most exciting thing for me and it’s equally important and useful in my college studies as well as in my future career.