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Career Talk with Adv. Sushant M. Singh, Phase II: Real Life, Real Challenges

Once you confidently argue your case in the Court of Law with full preparation and Judge gives you good evidence then one feels very happy and can think that his career has kick started.
Internship Experience @ FICCI [IPR Division], Delhi

FICCI’s Online Certificate Course on Competition Law & IPRs | Rs. 4500 | Register by Sep 30 [UPDATED]

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) invites registration for Oct-Nov 2013 session of Online Certificate Course on Competition Law & Intellectual Property Rights (IPComp).
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Internship @ Singh & Singh Advocates, New Delhi: Best IPR Experience, Work with Pratibha Singh, Rs. 5000 Stipend

Getting to see the court proceedings and Maám argue with some of the best known advocates like Mr. Singhvi was a wonderful experience of its own kind. I knew nothing about IPR but these 4 weeks at Singh & Singh taught me enough to be interested in trademarks and copyright and is also helping me now in my 4th year when I'm studying IPR. By Garima Bhardwaj. IIIrd Year. Amity Law School, Delhi

Internship @ Neolegal Associates, IP Law Firm, Mumbai : Friendly Associates, Encouraging Environment, No Stipend

The office is small, but once you're settled in, you realise that that's all the space you need. All the associates are warm and welcoming, and you never feel out of place. I was intimidated by the kind of clients they worked with, but they always had some funny, interesting stories about even the biggest of clients which put me at ease.

Internship @ Selvam and Selvam, Chennai: IP Related Work, Good Work Environment, Rs. 3000 Stipend (Variable)

The best thing about Selvam & Selvam is that they take the interns seriously. They give you good amount of work and make you take responsibility for that. I was given a lot of Administrative work (which was essential in understand TM procedures and various forms) and was asked to do case summaries, research work and write articles and research papers. By Cynduja Crishnan, III year, SASTRA University

Internship @ Krishna and Saurastri Associates, Bangalore: Good IP Work, Great Work Environment, 4000 Stipend

I am a student of IPR Hons. and so I was very much interested in doing an internship in an IPR Law firm. Krishna and Saurastri Associates, was a great opportunity for me to explore the world of IPR and I can say that I really learnt a lot from the firm, especially by witnessing the IP litigation in the court and by the interactions that I had with the Partner. By Anupama Mallik. KIIT Scool of Law. 4th Year

Internship @ City K & S Partners, IP Law Firm, Gurgaon: Good Work, Great Work Environ, No Stipend

The people are very congenial. All the Associates, Partners, Interns and other supporting staff eat lunch together in the dining hall. The associates/mentor are warm and take extra effort to explain the question of law to the interns. They explain the errors and ways to improvise. There is a wide variety of interns from law graduates to IITians and biotech people. It was an amalgamation of all talents.

Internship @ R.K. Dewan & Co. Pune (Trademark and Patent Attorneys): Good Work to the Deserving; No Stipend

Another intern at the office and I were given the gigantic (but feel-good) work of drafting the entire litigation-related documents for a huge corporation in the issue of trademark infringement. Bottom line is, you provide your worth and you have a good (but tiring!) time. Neeati Narayan, Symbiosis Law School, Pune, 2nd year