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Internship Experience @ Panasonic India, Gurgaon: IP Based Research, Excellent Work Atmosphere {S}

Since I have a keen interest in IP Law, the comprehensive research based internship was the best thing for me. I got to learn a lot about IP law and Trademark law. I’m sure this will have a very good impact on my career. By Aritra Mazumdar. KIIT Law School. 4th Year
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Internship Experience @ RNA IP Attorneys (Rouse India Pvt Ltd), Gurgaon: Interesting Work, Friendly Associates

The work is extremely interesting. Since it is an IP firm, the work involves patent related cases, copyrights and design work etc. The people are extremely nice. They give you interesting work. They always appreciate you for your contribution at every time.
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Internship Experience @ Remfry and Sagar, Gurgaon: Great for IPR Lovers

It was a realization that professional life is a lot different and whatever we have studied from the books is just the abc of the practical legal field. Being an IPR hons student it helped me a lot to have a look at the practical application of whatever I had studied.

Internship Experience @ Intellectual Property Rights Attorney Association, Chennai

By Nishit Dixit, Symbiosis Law School (Pune), 3rd Year

Internship Experience @ Saikrishna & Associates, IP Law Firm, Noida: Internships Through Contacts; Little Work; No Stipend

All the co-interns had to bug associates for work. There was no proper channel for assignment of work. Some days the interns had to sit idle because even after bugging they were not given work. Moreover, there were too many interns.

Internship @ FICCI’s IPR Division, New Delhi: Research Based Work, Great Work Environment, No Stipend

I can go on a record to say, FICCI-IPR DIVISON has "THE BEST" work environment. The IPR division treats you like a family, they never are in that ONLY WORK NO PLAY mode.