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Alexis Centre’s Wake Up and Vote India: Campus Ambassador Program

Model Governance Foundation and Alexis Centre for Public Policy and International Relations with the aim to increase political participation have taken this initiative to urge people to go out and vote in the upcoming State Assemblies and the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

NUJS Students’ Initiative “Bribe Hackers” Wins Rs.16 Lakh Funding Grant from The World Justice Project

Bribe Hackers, a project by Sreerupa Chowdhury and Mona Saha, two 5th year law students of NUJS, Kolkata which aims to build a bridge between law enforcement agencies and victims of bribery has won a $ 30,000 Grant.
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A Lawyer’s Duty Towards The Court

1. Act in a dignified manner (before a clearly corrupt judge) 2. Respect the court (because that's your livelihood) 3. Not communicate in private (with spouses) 7. Refuse to appear in front of relations (you are ugly, we know that)

VIDEO: Chhotu CEO and Child Labour in India

VIDEO: Chhotu CEO and Child Labour in India

The Most Common Complaints of A Legal Intern [We Hear You]

Don't ever vow that you will not ask for any kind of favour from anybody. Come internship season and you will be searching your phone-book for those well connected souls. And then you will discover the true meaning of haves and have nots, us and them. Those who have important 'connections' in the legal fraternity and those who are 'legal orphans'. Most of your colleagues will have bagged top internships long before your applications have reached the right shores. By Anamika Bhaduri, Campus Journalist, KIIT School of Law

[email protected] National Commission for Women (NCW), New Delhi

NCW was working on their upcoming initiative “SAVE THE HOME, SAVE THE FAMILY” due to which lots of our work was directed towards the same. We were asked to make background notes and presentations for this purpose and present it to the Joint Secretary at NCW.