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Internship Experience @ Samisti Legal, Hyderabad: Comfortable Environment, Drafting & Research Work

In college we don’t get to learn drafting skills. Here I learnt the basics of drafting which proved to be really helpful.

Internship Experience @ DMR Law Chambers, Hyderabad: Good for first years

If you can work in solitude and have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and can work with minimal supervision, this is a good place for you. One of the best learning experiences Hyderabad has to offer. By S. Aishwariya. Symbiosis Law School, Pune, 1st Year
Internship WWF India, Pune

Internship Experience @ WWF India, Hyderabad: Given lots of menial tasks, little environment law work

Always find out the kind of work you will be doing in an internship if you can, before feeling disappointed. In here, I felt interns were treated as a way to get the work done for the office without being paid! I mean it in literal sense! (I filled refills in pens and such kind of work on few days!)

Internship @ Deccan Global Law Firm, Hyderabad: Lessons in hard work, humility and honesty

The firm is not a huge firm with hundreds of employees. But if you are looking for some quality work and learning, then i would say, this is the right place. The internship at this firm is a blend of learning, exposure and experience.

Internship @ Damodar Mundra Associates, Hyderabad: My first practical teachers in the field of law

All-in-all, my experience was a very good and comfortable one, contrary to my expectation as I was very scared about interning in a law firm. But it all went though very soothingly and at the same time, got to learn a lot. All of them kept motivating me and appreciated even the slightest of good things that I did and accomplished. By Dalia Pasaari, ICFAI University for Higher Education, Hyderabad
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Internship @ Tempus Law Associates, Hyderabad: Lots of Varied Work, Warm People, No Stipend But a Logo-ed Bag

If you really want some work big time, Tempus Law, Hyderabad is the place where one would want to be. There was only one day in my entire internship period, where I did not have any work (being jobless is actually quite pathetic, unlike contrary opinions). By Pabitra Dutta, ILS Law College, Pune, III BSL LLB
tatva legal internship, hyderabad, law firm

Internship @ Tatva Legal, Hyderabad: Good Work From First Day, No Stipend

Everyone at Tatva Legal can be seen chilling with each other while doing a lot of work. Someone usually takes the interns around to introduce them to each and everybody in the office on their first day. By Ashima Ohri, Law Centre-1, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, Third Year Share your internship experience HERE.

Internship @ Vakils Associated, Hyderabad : Good Work, Stipend of Rs. 2000

The duration of my intership was for the period of 5 weeks. The office timings are from 9.30 to 6.30. You have to work for 6 days a week. But alternate Saturdays are a holidays.