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Internship Experience @ Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission, Bhopal: Very Less Work To Do

As per the common thinking of interns that do not intern in MPHRC is somewhat relevant but if you really wish to do work, you can do it anywhere. We used to go by 11 am and sign and then most of the time we got bored there because there was not much work done.
Internship National Human Rights Commission

Internship @ National Human Rights Commission, Delhi: Book Reviews, Project Work, Stipend and Travel Allowances

This internship is highly recommended for students pursuing not only law, but also for other fields of education if they have an interest in Human Rights. I went back with a lot of memories of this internship.

Internship @ Odisha Human Rights Commission, Bhubaneswar: Case Summaries & Reports, Passing Notes in Courtroom!

The work environment was very good and comfortable though the work was a bit difficult at times. The people at the office were very polite and soft spoken and used to always inquire whether we had our lunch properly or not.

Internship @ Adv. Vrinda Grover: RTI-Related Work, Cooperative Work Environment

The main work that was assigned to me was research work and a bit of clerical work. As Vrinda Maam is a human right activist so the work that was assigned to me was RTI related- RTI applications that were filed in all the jails that are there in Chattisgarh.

Internship @ Punjab State Human Rights Commission, Chandigarh: We were 30-35 interns (Ed: India is a Populous Country)

Working on excel sheets was really very much monotonous. Also, sometimes the a/c used to stop working and since I was interning in the month of June, working there became very much frustrated at that time.

Internship @ Punjab State Human Rights Commission, Chandigarh: Good Work, Liberal Work Environment, No Stipend

Our summer batch had around 25 interns. The training staff comprised of three members. The interns and the staff were very nice and interactive. My co-interns included students from UPES Dehradun; Amity Law School, Noida; SLS Pune. By Nupur Walia, University Institute of Legal Studies (U.I.L.S) (IV Year)

Internship @ Human Rights Law Network HRLN, Allahabad: The whole of the Allahabad city has started recognizing me

Some of the bad things which I witnessed at HRLN, Allahabad were that there was a rush. Everyone wanted that the PIL should be in their name only, so this created a lot of conflict over there. Too much of competition was present over there, in order to make them feel our presence we had to work a lot.
cry ngo internship Internship Experience @ CRY, Bangalore

Internship @ CRY, Delhi: Field Visits, Relaxed Work Environment, No Stipend

Best things were the field visits prior to the Mass Enrollment Programme having started. Got to learn a a lot about the actual implementation of the Right to Education. Helped get a clear understanding of its various nuances. Also visited various places like Anganvadis etc. which was a new experience.

Internship @ Chattisgarh Human Rights Commission, Raipur: Exciting Work, Diligence Required, No Stipend

Since I will be a second year student now, I would like my juniors to not feel the same dilemma which we did. One gets the basic knowledge of concepts wherever he/she interns. So to start with one needs to go with at least one internship at State human rights commission just to know how Law helps people in getting aware about their rights. By Ashna. KIIT School Of Law. 1st year

Internship @ West Bengal Human Rights Commission WBHRC, Kolkata : Lazy Work Environ, Little Work, No Stipend

On those two days, we used to have the hearings of the cases which came for recommendation in the Commission. The persons concerned, that is the petitioner and the respondent would mostly be a government official. The hearings would be interesting in the sense that you can actually see J. Ganguly in his witty best, as he used to screw the public official by saying stuff like, “You have to open your police-cap and then salute.” And we used to roar with laughter.

Internship @ National Human Rigths Commission NHRC, New Delhi; Rs. 8000 Stipend, Warm Work Enviro

The people were the best thing about the internship. Moreover, the sessions conducted by several eminent personalities on a plethors of human rights issues ranging from women to child, disabled to old age, leprosy to environment, health to manual scavenging, police reforms to prison reforms were enlightening and thought provoking. By Gitanjali Ghosh, NLSIU, LLM 1st trimester

Internship @ Punjab State Human Rights Commission PSHRC : Relaxed Environs, Good Human Rights Lesson, No Stipend

Our tasks were different everyday. In the initial days we were only given sample papers to work on. We were divided into groups and we had to read around 20-50 cases per day and give cognizance to the one's which could be accepted by the commission. We worked in groups and it was boring a bit but the cases were really very funny.

Internship @ Punjab State Human Rights Commission (PSHRC), Chandigarh: Good Work, No Stipend

The work given was pretty interesting as you will have to decide whether the case, which people appeal to commission, falls under the obligatory powers given to it or not and if yes, then under which codes. This is the work which you will get in starting couple of weeks and then you will get to do the case studies on which the commission has acted successfully closed. By Divas Jain, Jindal Global Law School, 2nd year