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Internship @ Human Rights Law Network, Delhi: Typical NGO Exposure | Perfect Initial Internship | Case Studies

All in all, it was a fantastic experience working at HRLN Delhi, as it was the perfect start to internships; it was light but not too idle on the work front and gave us enough understanding of ability to sit on the desk for 8 hours minimum every day.
Internship Human Rights Law Network Allahabad

Internship @ Human Rights Law Network, New Delhi: Work that inspires you, BUT Registration Fee of Rs. 1000

By Saurav Das, School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore.

Internship @ Human Rights Law Network (HRLN), Allahabad : Preparing Survey Reports, Drafting PILs and Writs, No Stipend

We prepared the writ ourselves and argued before the court. There is great confidence boost after this kind of internship. I made new friends, increased some people in the directory of contacts and last but not the least working for Human rights of the downtrodden people was kinda blessing for me. By Ambuj Dixit, KIIT Bhubaneshwar School of Law, 2nd year

[email protected] ICHRL (Indian Centre for Human Rights and Law), Mumbai: Work Experience at the Women’s Justice Initiative

The experience was not completely academic, as it was also an eye-opener, as it taught me how many women were being harassed and abused, mainly in the lower and lower-middle class families, for different reasons such as dowry, birth of a male child, etc. I also learnt that the biggest enemies of most of these women were illiteracy and financial dependence.