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Internship @ Human Rights Law Network HRLN, Allahabad: The whole of the Allahabad city has started recognizing me

Some of the bad things which I witnessed at HRLN, Allahabad were that there was a rush. Everyone wanted that the PIL should be in their name only, so this created a lot of conflict over there. Too much of competition was present over there, in order to make them feel our presence we had to work a lot.

Internship @ Human Rights Law Network (HRLN), Allahabad : Preparing Survey Reports, Drafting PILs and Writs, No Stipend

We prepared the writ ourselves and argued before the court. There is great confidence boost after this kind of internship. I made new friends, increased some people in the directory of contacts and last but not the least working for Human rights of the downtrodden people was kinda blessing for me. By Ambuj Dixit, KIIT Bhubaneshwar School of Law, 2nd year