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samvaad newsletter

HNLU’s NewsLetter Samvaad’s 5th Issue on Legal Internships [READ IT HERE]

Samvaad brings to you the inside scoop on what to expect AND what is expected of you in an internship. Among our contributors are senior law firm professionals in Amarchand Mangaldas, eminent practicing lawyer at Calcutta High Court as well as students who speak for themselves. You will find articles as well on experiences from internships at NGO’s and Dubai firms.
avani bansal chambers job

JOB POST @ Avani Bansal Chambers [Harda, Madhya Pradesh]; Bansal is HNLU-Oxford Graduate; Apply by June 30

Please send your CV/resume (including contact number) along with a covering letter to [email protected] by 30th June 2014. Candidates to be shortlisted after an interview in the first week of July, 2014.

Career Talk with HNLU Alumnus Arpit Guru (Law Clerk, Supreme Court of India)

Lawctopus' HNLU Campus Manager Aunnesha Dey recently interviewed alumnus Arpit Guru who is currently serving as a Law Clerk in Supreme Court of India.

Finding Happiness in Chaos : The Law School Life

Before I take your leave and stop boring you further with my thoughts coming out on (electronic) paper, I’d like you to fast-forward your life 5 years down college and think of the day you’d be having your farewell. Rest assured, you’ll walk out with a lump in your throat; the question is whether the tears would be for the good things you leave behind, or for the things you wish you had done while you had the chance.. By Ishan Khanna, 2nd year, HNLU Raipur

Love, Life, Heartbreak and HNLU: “HNLU Symbolizes Life As It Is”

The hope of someday having well built road, the hope of someday having a faithful wi-fi the hope of someday securing a PPO, the hope that someday the campus will resemble like the wonderful model of as it should have been and oh yes how can I miss it the hope of finding love again and that’s life and who better to teach you than this imposing façade of pillars in a barren dark Campus called HNLU By Subhro Bhattacharya