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6 Simple Steps: Participating and Winning HireMyHead’s Raavana Friends Referral Contest

We launched HireMyHead with the Raavana Friends Referral Contest. Following are the 6 steps (takes less than 60 seconds) you should follow to participate (and win!) the contest.

Welcome our Startup, HireMyHead! Help us Spread the Word with The Raavana Friends Referral Contest. More than Rs. 60,000 as Rewards; Fight by...

HireMyHead is a paid answers platform. Where you give up on Google search, our researchers help you get reliable answers to your specific/difficult questions. We are launching HireMyHead with the Raavana Friends Referral Contest. The contest is simple: get your friends to sign-up and get cash rewards! 1st prize: Rs. 20,000. 2nd prize: Rs. 15,000. 3rd prize: Rs. 10,000. Next 10 prizes: Rs. 2000 each