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Internship @ Greenpeace, Bangalore: Engaging, Encouraging Team Members, 10k Stipend

The crowd is casual in both manners and dressing, they speak mostly in English and some Hindi as well. All of them are extremely passionate and committed to what they do, and the same is expected from the intern.

Internship @ Greenpeace, Bangalore: Big Interactions, Big Stipend (Rs. 9000 for 1 Month)

Biggest plus point of is stipend. It will be given as a Cheque by end of internship which is sum of efforts plus work (200 per working day + Rs. 4000 if you cover a mandate fixed by organisation). So if you intern for 25 working days you have a good chance of getting Rs.9000 (200*25 plus 4000). By Arun, DSNLU, 1st year