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Internship Senior Advocate Geeta Luthra

Internship @ Geeta Luthra, New Delhi: Never Be Seen Without Work , Stipend of Rs. 2000

Main work given to the interns is research work (finding case laws mostly), drafting rejoinders along with clerical work like making indices and marking page numbers. If you want you can get a lot of work. It depends on how much work you can do and are willing to do. You cannot be seen sitting idle.

Internship @ Chambers of Senior Advocate, Geeta Luthra Delhi: Welcome Young lady! I hope you extract the most from this internship

On my first day, as I was asked to report at the lawyers chamber at Delhi High Court, while I was waiting, I saw this erudite lady walking towards the chamber, all I could do is to introduce myself, when she said "Welcome! young lady, I hope you extract the most from this internship". That was enough to make my day.