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Internship Fox and Mandal, Kolkata

Internship @ Fox Mandal, Noida: For me it was just a time pass as there was no proper work

First impression was good, big office with cafeteria and first day formality was like writing in my name in the register of interns or internship register of that particular office, I was made aware of the office timings particularly and then further I was guided to their library where all the interns were suppose to sit and wait for the work.
Internship Fox and Mandal, Kolkata

Internship Experience @ Fox Mandal, Noida: Less Work More Interns, Friendly Associates, No Stipend

Lesson would be that the things that look easy should be taken seriously else it can turn the case against us only. Learnt drafting, researching. There is a lot to business law than just the Companies Act. Working in a law firm is not all that easy.

Internship @ Fox and Mandal, Noida : Fun Learning Experience, No Stipend

If you are really interested in working then they can allot you almost anything and everything. From general researching to drafting replies, evidence, statements etc. to even preparing invoices for the firm. You want, you can get to go to the courts. You want, you get to attend meetings with the clients. All in all it's not about how much they give you, it's about how much you want to take from them.

Internship @ Fox Mandal & Co, Noida : Chilled Environment, Less Work, No Stipend

All the associates were good except few. Work environment was good but not much work. Interns used to regularly ask for some work from associates. By Animesh Kumar, Amity Law School Lucknow, V Year